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Outfitter Food

Have you noticed how difficult it is to find food for camping, survival, boating, or just to keep a meal around for a night when the power goes out?

I have.

I finally found an okay beef stew by Mountain House.

The beef stew tasted great. And I would give it 4 out of 5 stars – it was still a little tougher than I would like.

So: Great taste, texture okay.

I tried another rice package, Uncle Ben’s Teriyaki Style Ready Rice, not good texture. And it did NOT taste like Teriyaki.

What have you found?


What should we do about cruise ship sewage?

I hope you enjoy the out doors, but can we still enjoy most of our ocean?

Quartz story, 1 billion tons of sewage dumped into our oceans, mostly untreated.

How should we deal with the huge amounts of sewage?

Or, should we wait until there is an outbreak of something from this and then panic?

Your Outfitter

Sheila, the first canoe yawl

Now, I must rely upon others. So, someone out there might prove me wrong and point out another canoe yawl as the first.

Advertisement, Sheila is for sale.

More detail here.

I will correct the latter link. The 6′ 9″ beam pointed out in the advertisement sounds more reasonable than the 16’9″ in the pdf.

Canoe yawls fill the gap between sailing canoes and full yachts. Yes, there are longer canoes, and there are smaller yachts, or the pocket ship.

But, what would you look for in a small(ish) cruising yacht?


Is the Expedition Rowboat too big, or too small?

Have you looked at the Expedition by Angus Rowboats?

They have an interesting claim to fame, they row everywhere.

18 feet long, 85 pounds, 35 inches wide. Is that too big for a rowboat? Or, is it too small to sleep in?

Expedition by Angus.

What do you think?


Gary Dierking

As you look at kayak designs, canoe designs, and decked canoe designs; several designs and designers rise to the top of the list.

Of all of those, I doubt any of them design better than Gary.  I have not met Gary, except through his writing.  But, I was impressed by some of the things he wrote.

He wrote about the history of outrigger canoes; the advantages and disadvantages of weight; the advantages and disadvantages of the outrigger; etc.

And he didn’t seem to be focused only upon the profit he could make. In other words, he was approachable.

His Wa’apa design is a favorite for many people.

But, Gary offers more than just great boats which have stood the test of time, he also works with others to help the Philippines recover from the devastating Typhoon.

People who help others are always better than those who do not.

Don’t you agree?